At Prime Direct, we’re all things HDD, all the time. We’re committed to your productivity and keeping you up and running through premium HDD innovation and expertise.

HDD Service Solutions

Our service solutions are designed for the full lineup of equipment you need to run a successful jobsite. Prime Direct understands the importance of your productivity and will do everything it takes to reduce downtime.  

The HDD Advantage

We promise to keep your HDD operations running smoothly on every jobsite with a full line of precision-engineered and manufactured HDD equipment solutions and coast-to-coast service backed by decades of experience and industry knowledge.  



Whether you work on small utility projects or the largest pipeline jobs, Prime Direct has the right-sized HDD rig to help you get the job done right every time you step onto the jobsite.


Prime Direct truck-mounted mixing systems deliver mud and essential materials and equipment to the jobsite quickly and efficiently so you can do what you do best: Keep drilling.


Though the HDD rig is the centerpiece of every jobsite, Prime Direct pipe pushers, mud pumps and recycling units all contribute to your ability to get the job done right, every time.

“They pack a punch with a lot smaller footprint than other rigs. We’ve done some pretty incredible things with Prime HDD rigs.”

– Project Manager

We work in -20 temperatures in the winter and 90 to 100 degrees in the summer. The rig will run just fine 24 hours a day in both of those extremes and everything in between.

– HDD Manager

Their manufacturing is at a whole different level. It’s like buying a luxury car that’s been hand-assembled for you. They are truly precisely engineered and manufactured rigs.

– Fleet Manager

With self-contained hydraulic systems, an undercarriage twice as heavy as anybody else’s and more thrust, torque and pullback than comparable rigs, Prime Direct was an easy choice for us.

– Project Manager