We offer the best equipment solutions you need to achieve maximum productivity on your horizonal directional drilling jobsite.



Every Prime Drilling HDD machine is the product of a conversation. Our customers tell us what they need and every Prime Drilling rig is built tough enough to handle even the largest HDD jobs in the world. The biggest HDD jobs in the world call for the biggest, best machines. Prime Direct machines are engineered for long-lasting rugged performance in the most demanding environments. Every machine features superior technology and innovation, with real-time diagnostics systems to reduce downtime and electric power options to meet evolving emissions standards and maximize productivity on every jobsite. 

With top jobsite performance in mind, Prime Drilling HDD machines feature: 

  • First-class design, manufacturing and assembly 
  • Patented technology 
  • Maximum reliability 
  • Extra-long service life 
  • Robust construction with high torque capabilities 
  • Operator comfort features that maximize operator productivity 
  • High performance in a range of operating conditions, including temperatures as low as -30 (-34 C) and as high as 110 degrees Fahrenheit (43 C). 







    AT-Boretec manufactures some of the highest quality HDD machines on the planet. The precisionengineered machines offer peak performance in a range of operating conditions. With a complete lineup ranging from 11 to 55 tons (10 to 50 MT), AT-Boretec HDD machines are designed to deliver efficiency, and safety no matter what size the job. But AT-Boretec rigs are about more than just maximum drilling capacity. With features like easy drill pipe loading racks and low operating noise levels, the machines enable operators to work longer and more efficiently on every job, creating new levels of productivity
    on every jobsite.

    AT-Boretec machines feature: 

    • Drill masts with rack-and-pinion pipe feed systems that enable easy insertion and removal of Range 2 drill pipes 
    • A wide range of drilling angles (between 80 and 160 degrees) 
    • A power rotary head driven by six hydraulic motors with a torque rating of up to 66,000 foot-pounds (90,000 Nm) in three gear steps 
    • Available pipe supply system, hydraulic manipulator, drill pipe crane, camera system and drill data log system 






      Prime Direct mixing systems deliver industry-leading efficiency to an operation that’s critically important to every HDD jobsite. Our mixing systems keep you always up and running. The right mixing system is the foundation to a productive HDD jobsite. Our mixing and recycling systems are designed to have everything you need for every HDD job, all in one enclosed mobile unit. It’s a dedicated space for managingand mixing mud designed to evolve with whatever environmental trends shape your work. 

      Prime Direct mixing systems include: 

      • Skid- or truck-mounted options for mixing
        and mixing/recycling systems 
      • Power from either a dedicated hydraulic unit
        or truck power take-off (PTO) 
      • Capacity of up to 400 gallons/minute (1,500 L/minute) 



          Mud Mixing Unit


          Prime Direct is more than just world-class HDD machines. We provide the tooling, parts and other equipment that help keep your operation running smoothly, day-in and day-out. The Prime Direct HDD lineup stretches well beyond just the rigs themselves. In addition to tooling and ancillary equipment, we offer mud pumps, pipe pushers and other tools to make every jobsite you’re on run smoothly and efficiently. Our team knows HDD, and we’ve got the full line of support products to keep you running until the job is done. 


          Recycling Unit

          Prime Pipe Pusher

          Mud Pumps